Player and Club Representation

With excellent legal partners and a fully licensed FIFA agent on board the team, we are capable of representing both the player, the coach or the team in all legal aspects of football, covering both on and off the pitch related issues.


We also confidently negotiates satisfactory terms and emphasize on the best possible economic and social outcome for our clients.



Sport Sponsorships

Q-evolution offers great insight and introductions to Sport sponsorship globally, through an expansive business network consisting of trusted partners in the field.


We are facilitating deals for clubs and business entities, irrespectively what field they operate in, offering them a platform from where to market and expand their brand, product and services globally or reginally.  We specialise in brokering deals that adds and generate direct value to your business as well as unprecedented Brand awarness through sports.

Team and Player Scouting

Through our network we have excellent scouting connections globally with a strong precense both in South America and in most regions of Europe.


We offer a full player scouting or team scouting  service to both clubs who are looking for new players or teams who are scouting their coming opponents. 

Media and PR 

Media and PR have a growing influence in todays modern sociity and non the less in the football. 

We can offer excellent media advice for our clients having experienced both sides of the fence.


With growing global media connections and close collaborations with sport PR agencies we can convincingly create and help build a positive personal image and 

media profile for our clients.

Personal Training & Nutrition

Through our large network of partners with vast experience in the fields of Personal training (both physical, technical and tactical)  Sport pshycology and Sport nutrition. We can offer comprehensive advice and guidence for our professional clients.

We also have the possibility to offer these services of our partners to clubs that wish to implement these important elements into their team structure.

Career Advice and Consultation

Through our vast experience from both an active playing career and from extensive life experience going through all the motions of a young and old professional player. 

We can offer guidence and support in most situations in a players career and life.


We believe that our clients can learn and most importantly draw wisdom from both highs and lows that we have come across during our time in the football industry.

And we aim to pass this across onto our players to make their career and life as positive and succesful as possible.